New USB Type-C to HDMI+VGA+2xUSB3.0+RJ45+TD+SD+PD Female 8 in 1 Adapter Cable VCUC114

USB Type-C to HDMI+VGA+2xUSB3.0+RJ45+TD+SD+PD 8 in 1 Adapter Cable

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VCHOICE USB Type-C to HDMI+VGA+2xUSB3.0+RJ45+TD+SD+PD adapter, the 8 in 1 Adapter lets you view videos and other media stored on your phone via HDMI+VGA port connect to a compatible TV. On line via RJ45 , with extend USB port connect with other USB accessories , PD port support your macbook 60W power charge-in.


  • Input interface: USB Type-C Male
  • Output interface: HDMI/A, VGA, RJ45, 2xUSB3.0, SD,TF, Type C PD
  • Type C USB 3.1 DisplayPort Alternate-mode
  • Simultaneous display: HDMI/VGA: 1080P
  • Type C PD: Max 60W power charging
  • RJ45: 1000Mbps
  • USB3.0x2: 5Gbps
  • SD/TF: 480mpbs
  • Case: Aluminum Case
  • Cable: Tin-Copper with PVC jacket without Braid
  • Connector: Nicle plated
  • Devices: All Type C port PCs and Mobiles which with USB 3.1 version Type C port and DisplayPort altnate mode signal transmission.


  • Poly bag for standar
  • Color box for OEM

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